Lincoln: 2013

Lincoln is a movie that follows the lines of many biopics. It has a central protagonist whose life we are tracing, and along the way we meet other characters who mainly illuminate the central protagonist. One of the better movies I have watched, Lincoln gives us all an experience of history, or rather historical times. Very articulate in its argument, this movie gave American English all kinds of possibilities. Many views were proposed opposed and presented with beautiful use of language (here I was thinking American English is all – y’all, how ya doin)

It was a professional team of actors, writers, directors and crew that brought us this and as such you are thankful for the experience. Because nobody slacked. Of course it is a bit too concentrated on Lincoln and his heroics (therefore it is called Lincoln and not The Amendment/The Bill or something) but one goes in expecting that to happen, after all we have watched many biopics before and we understand that a biopic is essentially just centered around one person and everything can be reduced to mere props. Lincoln does hold up here though, essentially due to the caliber of performances seen from the likes of Tommy Lee Jones and others.

Visually, it is a movie that remains faithful to the time and era it is based out of. There is hardly much visual storytelling but the beautifully shot movie, is  nonetheless delightful to watch.



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