Finding Fanny (2014 India): Review

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A lovely little movie to stumble upon. That sweet find. It brings to mind the old movies that had a Parsi family set up that are so much fun to watch.

This is a hilarious movie. Again, the way I want to be made to laugh. No stunts here, with dogs, or fart jokes or belittling of anyone (except themselves perhaps! and each other of course).

Some excellent performances by Pankaj Kapur, Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia, Deepika Padukone & Arjun Kapoor. In short, everyone.  Pankaj Kapoor especially, one tends to forget that he worked in both Maqbool and Office Office. His diction is delicious, and he nails the character superbly. He is Don Pedro.

Dimple Kapadia, similarly does a commendable job on Rosie. With her performances one always feels like it can dip and dim, there is no saying when she might falter, especially in not heavily written / dense movies such as this one.  She keeps the thread very well in this one though.

Naseeruddin Shah, is quite surprising, and for him, after so many excellent movies to his credit, is something of a rare thing. By now we have seen him in almost every role or that is what it feels like. We have seen him as the blind man, as the joker, as a bohemian photographer, as a rickshaw driver, as a main villian, a poet, as a common man. I mean, it feels like he has played so many people in our world. And yet, he comes in again here, in a completely new persona, let us pray that fatigue never touches him.

Deepika Padukone is a surprise in the beginning of the movie, she is so completely calm. I love particularly the scene where she casually cuts of a rooster’s head and walks with it. Or the time she stops Ferdie from crying. Many gems of scene to be found. Calm she may be, but I missed the vulnerability a little. Too confident perhaps? Her scenes with Savio were the weakest of the lot.

Arjun Kapoor is fine. Really, that is it. He is there but not quite so, and it is always fun when he decides to talk.

Now, lets get to the story, it is a road trip movie, well written with lovely characters. A Story!!! Finally there is a story. And there is some hilarious repartee.  There are some exceptional places to see, this is always great. The small town in Goa is very similar to all the coastal small towns that I have seen.

There are some experiments that have been carried out with imagery. Such work was seen in ‘Being Cyrus’ as well, the first movie of director Homi Adjania. And in this movie as well, it is fun. It doesn’t nail anything, and remains quirky at best, but still, it is something fun to see. The costumes are great. It could have been shot better. It could have been visually tighter. The direction is great.

The whole movie is in english by the way! But never for a moment does it feel strange. Imagine that!

What a what a fun movie to watch.





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