Review: David (2013)

David is a quick movie, you can watch it for 1 min, 5 or 30. It is all the same. The reversals are some of the quickest and they keep happening every 2 seconds. In that sense it is like taking a series of rides in Essel World or whatever new amusement park is in town.

Women mouth bad language as if there is no tomorrow, the men drink, kill, make love etc and all very fast. There must be a section of the audience which will get desensitized to violence with this film., desensitized to pacing in a movie along with getting desensitized to bad movies overall. This movie here is a reversal of movies such as Housefull2, except they call themselves independent, different etc.

The movie is filled with such characters – a cool musician type, a cool fisherman type, a cool gangster, a cool gangster’s mol, a cool massage parlor owner, a cool fisherman’s cool mother, a cool everything. And whose idea of cool this? Bejoy Nambiar’s. Read the review of his first movie here. Bejoy Nambiar continues his bad film making sensibilities.

If one doesn’t have stories to tell, it is better if they pick up stories other’s have told, after all there is no dearth of either stories or literature in India.

Bejoy Nambiar continues to ride the gangster wave and coolness wave of Anurag Kashyap, albeit in a very unsure way, and gives us all something to run away from. What would an ideal response to this be for him I wonder? ‘Whoa! it is so cool dude. Awesome m**f**r’ – would this be it?


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