Nina’s Tragedies: Israel (2003)

The movie is about a boy, his diary, and the people around him in Israel. There are often things that movies leave you with, at times it could meld with memories, at times dreams, and some times it just leaves you with a fullness of mind and heart. Apart from the ones that leave you with nothing.

Nina’s Tragedies leaves you with something undefinable. Its hard to say what and is probably different for each person. There is a roundness of storytelling in the movie. A kind of completeness that life itself provides in all its stories. Not entirely realistic, so there is a dramatic arc, a plot, a film-atic quality. All this without losing the reality of the characters, the settings, or life itself.

I am not sure why, but the one scene that I remember the most after the movie, or that one image that never leaves me is of the toggle of the funeral gurney.



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