Athadu (2005): Indian,Telugu

A totally satisfying potboiler of a commercial mainstream film. Often in the telugu movie industry, I hear of movies being spoken of as “class”, “mass”, “family”, “comedy”, “youth” etc. This one is all of it. A neatly and tightly written story, with the essential fights, songs and comedy, a really satisfying popcorn watch.


At the center of our story is an extremely stylized, self made, hired killer of a hero. His aim is sharp, and he is entirely clinical in his approach towards his profession. Because of his proven results, his asking price is steep and he gets called out for only extremely elite sharp shootings. His beginnings are largely left unexplained except for showing us the transformation of a young boy working at the tea shop, who suddenly takes out a big don. He is a loner, a bit of a cowboy character, did I mention he was stylized? The only saving grace being that he mostly takes out the ‘bad’ people in a ‘bad’ vs ‘bad’ war.

This story begins when he accidentally becomes involved in a counter-counter plot in a political game, ending up being almost caught by the police. While the police continue to hunt him, he manages to escape into a seemingly perfect rural household masquerading as the son of the house who had left home too long ago to be identified on physical resemblance. Now begins the story of the cat and mouse game he plays with the police on one hand and the people who had hired him for the said job on the other.

Many interesting things have been compromised for the sake of a bigger goal, you might even identify a lot of shots / scenes from other movies from all over the world. But what makes this an enjoyable watch regardless is the narration, and the tightness of the story itself. You laugh, cry, sing, dance and experience romance, fights, with suspense, and edge of the seat kind of scenarios, all this in less than 2 hours. A thorough work out and not of an unpleasant variety.


This is one of Mahesh Babu’s earlier hits before he broke many barriers in Box Office Collections in the form of Pokiri and Dookudu.

Mahesh Babu is the son of veteran Telugu actor Krishna (who among other things is credited as having brought to India the concept of a cowboy, on an aside, Mahesh Babu himself played a complete cowboy from USA in telugu with an all telugu cast performing all the cowboys role, a bizarre watch if you are interested, its called Takkari Donga and has Bipasha Basu and Lisa Ray in it)

A song here and a quick clip here

Other movies of Mahesh Babu include Vamsi, Okkadu, Dookudu, Athidi, Businessman etc.



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