Somersault: (2004, Australia)

Some of the visuals from this movie might stay with me forever.




The story is about a young underage runaway, troubled, angsty and fearless, and her journey into rural Australia. Director Cate Shortland has mentioned previously that she has based the story on an actual court case that she had been studying. Our lead gets into a self harming mode, fuelled by that potent mixture of discontent and ambition that can go any way. After some morally challenging choices, runs away and has some extremely random experiences in the tourist town of Jindabyne. The story is not new, a favorite among many independent film makers and films.

What is interesting however is the indulgent, whimsical and almost lilting cinematography aided by an airy, mysterious and lilting soundtrack. The cold and the warmth oozes out of frames  and we fall into those images.

This movie was made out of a film making / writing workshop headed by Jane Campion (as far as I can remember) and made stars out of Abbie Cornish(who later starred in Jane Campion’s Bright Star among other movies) and Sam Worthington (who played the Avatar in the Avatar and many other roles subsequently)

Ably directed by Cate Shortland, this is one of those independent movie fixes that leaves you with many beautiful visions.


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