Review: Jai Ho


Why three only? Is the question. Should we stop at three good deeds?

In the movie, the protagonist Jai (played by Salman Khan) asks everyone to pass on the good deeds done to them, a kind gesture or a help rendered of some sort by passing this deed on to three other people. There is a scene where a few characters spend a considerable amount of screen time and show their own counting abilities by multiplying this number in the chain activity to arrive at how many good deeds we are eventually talking about. But like the person I watched with commented, imagine the possibilities by just increasing the number to 4!

It remains a fact of life, as said by many great saints, that one has to do good deeds in life. The movie mines the current times of moral paucity we are living in. Where good manners, good deeds, helping nature are all but absent. Or very less visible. They are indeed seen as signs of weaknesses. The corrupt government barring a few upright individuals, perpetrates a violent and lawless existence where only money and power can give you immunity. Or in this case, if you have hulk like powers and can destruct hundreds of people at one go with the power of your muscles. Where mostly people live in fear, and the concept of individual safety is of utmost importance, the movie however ,says that one should help people, even if you have to take on governments and villains parading as politicians to do so.


There are no grey areas in the movie. It is good vs bad. It is about the good heart. How can one criticize such a story line, however wishful the premise. Because after all one wants the good heart to win. Without any intellectual pretensions, it is a simple hearted movie that preaches goodness and morality. That we were all dependent on a Khan movie to teach us ethics and morality is perhaps true for us as a country. The presence of Salman Khan keeps it largely outside the area of smug, which say with an Amir khan would perhaps not have been possible.

The movie making is largely reminiscent of the telugu and the tamil movies that one gets to see regularly. It is that. Nothing more, nothing less. The telugu and tamil movies almost always have a corrupt and villainous home minister, many large vehicles all in white filled with local rowdies, sickles and knives as the weapon of choice, and always a lesson in goodness.

Tabu is a joy to watch on screen. And so is Salman Khan. Everybody else performs in the ensemble with an equal effortlessness (points must go to Sohail Khan for extracting decently legit acting at the least, I have seen far worse). The situations tend to go into areas of incredulity but remember, black and white and simple. There are no shades of grey to confuse or obfuscate what the movie is driving at. Everything is fairly simple and clear. Better than a Bodyguard or a Ready.

The one thing I am thankful for? the absence of an item number. Thank the gods in heavens! I couldn’t have survived another escapade of munni or babli that involved Zandu Balms and fevicol. That particular unnecessary element we were spared for some unknown good deeds of our own in our sorry lives.


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