Talaash: Review (2012 India)


I was deceived by this movie. Reema Kagti’s earlier movie was ‘Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd’. This movie was a quirky independent movie. Quite enjoyable.  But Talaash doesn’t come with that kind of writing or script. ‘Talaash’ as muttered by Aamir Khan at equal intervals, is just that, an awkward mutterance if you will.

There are two or three hallmarks of a great independent movie

– inspired casting choices (this almost always translates into unknown names)

– Intimate cinematography

– searches that we undertake in life or slice of life journeys

Talaash fails on all three

– They cast Kareena Kapoor as the hooker. I can think of many good choices for this role. But not Kareena. They cast Aamir Khan as the hero who does nothing but stands around looking glum. why? Again, some other face would have lended so much more credibility. And Aamir never really gets above the under-ness of his role. (It would have been good fun to mention Nawazuddin Siddique’s work. But it was like he had a short film of his own running along the movie!)

– The cinematography is barely watchable only in the mumbai night scenes. The rest of the movie is just poorly lit. Not in a scary way.

Talaash had great potential. The plot itself could have risen into something very special. But no, we skim surfaces, with weak dialogues, often cutting our feet from under us. We stumble through the roads of lifeless lives to only hit the wall of the unknown. And this wall is no wall for just the audience, but a wall of for the writer as well. One who hasn’t understood all the nuances of an afterlife.

Even an ‘I know what you did last summer’ had more credibility than this. This is the first movie I have watched where ghosts are punishing incompetence. Can they come to offices? Maybe mine?

What I would have loved to see however is the drowning sequence as the very first shot of the movie.  The nightmares as the next. The disengagement of the couple after. The  search of the main character to find something above next. Him looking into an old cold case file of mysterious circumstances. Then him stumbling across the clues. And him finding the clues because he went in search of them, not because it was his case. Oh God! The possibilities with this movie!!!!!!!

They killed it. Brutally. More brutally than the ghost. The ghost of this movie should now haunt them for incompetence!

PS: Please watch Sixth Sense again for the thrills and Memories of Murder for everything about everything.

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