Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle: 2004, America

Many reasons for me to remember it here. One it has an Indian and a Korean as the main protagonists. Two is I fell off the chair laughing. And three is, I want to watch it again.

This is Harold and Kumar. You know who is who.

The movie has many levels of humor, some really clever takes and some pretty crude lines (much easier on the senses than say an American Pie though), goes to places where others might fear to tread (especially because it is Harold and Kumar, and not John and Dylan for example) and generally has a sense of humor that is apparently the hallmark of stoner comedies. It worked for me, so much so that I might try my hand at some other ‘stoner’ comedies. Not only do these two boys have a sense of timing, but the script does as well.

Racism is taken by its horns and put flat back on its ass or on a drugged Cheetah’s back (I don’t even know what it means, but staying true to the movie here). There are boobs, farts, weed and that Whitecastle burger (apparently the Whitecastle people made special burgers of soy for the strictly vegetarian Kal Penn for one of the shots in the movie). So good was this movie that it was a huge disappointment to watch Kal Penn in the Van Wilder sequel.. the Taj something something. Which for me epitomized the race joke gone wrong scenario. H & K go to Whitecastle however is wonderfully irreverent, hilarious  and smart.

This movie made stars out of its two leads, especially Kal Penn (real name Kalpen Modi) who went on to star in The Namesake by Mira Nair and that Van Wilder Taj….something.


One thought on “Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle: 2004, America

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