Superstar Mr.Gam (2004): Review

A really good sports movie. It has the large heartedness of a big sports movie and the quirkiness of a small independent movie.


“Baseball was introduced to Korea in 1905 by American missionaries during the Korean Empire and spread afterwards. It is one of the most popular sports in the country.” – wikipedia

Go figure!

So we have an ordinary man with extra-ordinary skill but all out of luck. This changes in small ways and he becomes one of the biggest stars. The story is small, of believable changes and is not really all about the glory. One of the pitch perfect sports movies I’ve seen including Bull Durham and Chak De India. The lead actor Lee Beom Soo is super as Mr.Gam, he brings to the character an ordinary bustle of life, greed, envy and desire.

Finally playing for a completely out of luck team called Superstars, he is made to wait on the bench for almost all the games of the team. His nemesis is Park Chul Soon played by Gong yoo in one of his earlier roles as a character actor before breaking out as a big name. Park Chul Soon is everything that Mr. Gam is not and wants to be. So in a record making game for Park Chul Soon, when none of the pitchers for Superstars agree to play, Mr.Gam gets an opportunity to finally get on the ground.

A large portion of the movie is this one game, where I got to know more about baseball than I ever did or even wanted to, Mr.Gam looks like he might just take Superstars to victory and thwart the record breaking wins of Park Chul Soon.

A really good find, one of those movies that is well crafted, well told and neatly executed. This adds on to the list of Juno, Little Miss Sunshine etc.

One thought on “Superstar Mr.Gam (2004): Review

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