Review: Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan must know what he is up to. He is making an effort. And that is commendable. He could have made a wildly popular show, catering to the various so called demand factors. He could have picked up a format of many shows especially from the US, and replicated them


or he could have just sat at home..

He is Aamir Khan.

As an actor,  as supposed to the technical requirement of an actor, he could have concentrated on acting alone. But he is also a budding activist who will probably see the culmination of his activist side quite late. Satyameva Jayate looks like his next step in the journey of activism.

And as the star system in our country is quite prevalent, he probably has a huge impact on the psyche of the large populace. A psychologist one told me that after ‘Taare Zameen Par’ she had a seriously steep increase in the number of parents inquiring into the well being of their child. ‘Rang De Basanti’ seriously challenged the imagination of a number of youth across various  segments. ‘3 Idiots’ lended credibility and increased awareness of the largely secluded phenomenon of the industry of churning ‘engineering’ graduates. These may not be my favourite films but apparently they changed the minds of a large amount of population on these issues. This can’t be bad I thought.

What is worrisome is the mindset of the general populace which can be turned this way and that or be awakened or put to sleep depending on the popular shows. But that is something we all have to ask ourselves. How responsible are we and the answers we find can then be reviewed (not Aamir Khan’s fault, naturally). And if shows like these decide to generally wake up the kind the audience that thrives on Saas Bahu serials, then all the better.

The show itself felt very worked on. Programmed to affect, to effect. Much better than seeing Ramanand Sagar’s and B R Chopra’s flawed interpretation of Ramayana and Mahabharata that we had to live with for decades. Generally filling us up with a one dimensional view of our epics. Or even Chandrakantha.


This decade has long since felt like a slow awakening of India/indians into a self critical country aware of the multitude of our faults. And this seems like a step further in this direction.

Cheers to the brave heart of Aamir Khan, who has decided to brave the frontier of social programming with strong marketing brain. He has this unique hold on certain people, certain parts of people. And he has the sense to use it for a better cause in his own unique way.

Additionally, a really nice review on Rediff (with its army of great reviewers)


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