Review: Finding Mr Destiny (Korean)

Finding Mr Destiny or Kim Jung Wook Chatgi (Korean)

It’s a relatively old Korean Romantic Comedy (2010). The thing with romantic comedies is that there are so many of them. And almost all of them have to stick to a formula. This one pretty much does too. Along with being plentiful, this genre is also probably the toughest one to execute well.

This film is one of the better ones to be found in the genre. Brilliantly acted out, with some back and forth action, and even a musical number in the end (the film was adapted from the original musical theatre production). The lead actor is fantastic, acting with his entire body. From head to toe he is in character. The actress is fantastic. Cinematography is great.

A lovely genre movie.

The thing with Korean movies, romantic comedies in particular is that almost all of them have some crisp editing, spot on acting and interesting plots. All of them have feisty against the grain female leads with unique families and quirks. In this movie the male lead is not so typical, and is an out of job travel agent with a tendency to clean things around him. While the female lead doesn’t think too much about clothes, he meticulously plans out his entire wardrobe (filled with cardigans). The two meet through a new enterprise he opens called the first love agency (first love is a huge concept in South Korea I have realized) and the female leads father, exasperated by her obsession with her first love (whom she incidentally met in India while travelling, again played by Gong Yoo who also plays the travel agent). The two meet and things like they always do, ensue.

Good, fun watch. Better than most others in the genre.

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