Group review: Mao’s Last Dancer and Of Gods and Men

Simplistic and stupid, both movies manage to draw surprised gasps as they trot along their politically wrong landscapes. One is directly (word to word) translated into movie from an autobiography. The other is a good christian movie. Such yawn inducers! And such totally crappy movies, without a single thing to deem them ok. Wonder why this was included in the festival? And who included Mao’s Last Dancer in the Political Cinema Category? . This movie is all about one man’s glorious life. How everyone loves him and everyone who doesn’t finally realise how it is their fault in not loving him and eventually do love him. In short a badly written autobiography. Which someone decided to make into a badly written film. So while Australians and the west rejoice in their role in helping a poor communist boy to escape communism, one is always made to feel how capitalism solves everything. Very crappy movie. A serious waste of 2 hours.

Of Gods and Men has a slowness that cannot be justified. It is unclear in its film making sensibilities and its choices of techniques. While it is easy to make a movie look and feel important, there is little here to justify it. Or should have been. The plot is excessive in its vindication of Christianity, forgetting the warrior monks of Christianity. A huge burden of morality rests on the movies shoulders. And an entirely historically incorrect view of Christianity. The monks are passive and if it was up to these guys to propagate Christianity in the earlier centuries, we would have been one religion short in the world. Total waste of time. And exceptionally inept cinematography.

Very aptly summarized by the snoring man in the back seat.

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