Review: Vinaithandi Varuvaya + Ye Maya Chesave

Gautham Menon is a director known for his unique characterisations as well as picturisations. His earlier movies include, ‘Minnale, ‘Kaakha Kaakha’, ‘Vettiyadu Villayadu’, ‘Patchaikili Muthucharan’,’Varanam Ayiram’, ‘Vinaithandi Varuvaya’ and ‘Nadunisi Naayagal’.

All his movies except ‘Nadunisi Naayagal’ have a strong musical association. Music plays such strong part that sometimes that is the biggest take away from his movies. All the movies have two central themes, either a police-‘psychotic man’ angle or the very cute romantic angle. There are different things he speaks about throughout the movies but somehow, the things that stay with you are those of romance or suspense. And in these two he has the pulse of the audience, an audience that he has created himself, defined and fed. Since the time of Kaakha Kaakha, Gautham Menon has enjoyed an almost cult like status with a dedicated following, who look out for the things in his movies that makes it different from the regular fare being churned out by the industry.

Vinaithandi Varuvaya, is a complete Gautham Menon film. A differently told love story, it has some very real moments of romance. It is quite clear from the beginning that the movie is from the perspective of a man. Imagine your friend from college telling you an incident of his life sitting across you at a cafe in the evening. This movie captures that time, feeling, perceptions very well. But you do get to hear one side of the story only. Imagine a ‘Forget Paris’ kind of setting for this movie, that would have been fun.

Gautham Menon’s heroines are strong willed, speak their mind and are generally known to be great roles to have. The footage and importance is present in this movie, but there is a hollowness to the potrayal of Jessie, in terms of the writing. She is fickle, indecisive, chaotic, her behavior almost bordering on the psychotic, while outwardly she is perceived as an older stronger, more organised presence in the boy’s life. While her behavior is not something that is impossible to see in people around you, in the movie one wishes that the director had given a bit more of her perspective. She feels like a prop that the boy dances around. A strong, beautiful and lovely prop, but a prop nevertheless.

The telugu version had the boy and girl get together and the tamil one separated them. Both were ok really, as endings go.

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