Review: The Edge of Heaven

Its a relatively old movie,made in 2007. It has already got some really rave reviews  not to mention a staggering number of awards even if it missed the Oscar race, it got all the important ones. So why is it being ‘reviewed’ here?

As a break from the Ra.ONes and Bodyguards. Phew! Besides, I just watched it.

The story of “The Edge of Heaven” is very interconnected. At first it felt labored but then later on seemed more like a reflection of life from above. A view shared only by the director and the audience. None of the characters are aware of any connections. And ultimately they prove to be of no consequence, these inter connections, because in spite of them having a very big potential to finally join all the dots and go through moments of high dramatic potential, they are left as they are. Not once are the inter connections acknowledged. As such therefore it didn’t become another “Crash” a movie I came out of thinking, somebody wrote this to join all the dots.

The cinematography is very intimate and the music (I imagine folk) is beautiful. There is some beautiful writing and some pitch perfect performances. The story is linearly told but some images are shown at various places irrespective of when they occured. And this does not feel like a clever trick but somewhat like the way we access our memories.

The movie doesn’t entirely resort to visual story telling techniques, holding back a little. Ultimately it is still about the story, and not an ‘abstract’ feeling. Even if you are left with an ‘abstract’ feeling in the end. The pictures are also of the story and everything is about the story, even though as a story it is only half told with no decisive end. Perhaps all I want to say that it wasn’t really going the “Offret” route which was completely about imagery and moody visuals like also Mrinal Sen’s Khandar but a relatively more defined plot and story way.

It speaks about immigration, of home, of revolution, of age and wisdom without actually speaking about it. A completely satisfying watch.


Personally, I loved the old voices of the women, Yeter and Susanne, and got very tired by the young ones’.



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