Review: Ra.One

Review: Ra.One

There is only a slight chance that one entered the movie hall to watch Ra.One expecting superior cinema. One doesn’t go to superhero movies expecting art house movie sensibilities. But it still managed to bring many film making departments to new depths of shoddiness. As an entertainer it does its job. After all, it is SRK we are talking about. Almost all his movies are great to watch on TV as many times as they play it.

I still watch all of his movies with Karan Johar, without getting bored at all. Including Mohabattein. Go figure.

All production values were equally bad in Ra.One without bias. Sound especially so. Visuals were a pain to see. Bright blue and red for good and bad, all technical = all blue, very unimaginative use of colors. I wish they had used black primarily with green as the additional color. I wish they hadn’t made it all look completely video gamish, I would have enjoyed it more. Bad, generic lighting in all scenes, very ordinary choreography (even with all the stunts) throughout the scenes. I wish somebody from the independent movie scene in Bollywood had designed this movie. Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye, Ek Chaalis ki Last Local, Do Dooni Char, even Band Baaja Baarat had such lovely designing.

The VT station in Mumbai coming down was a fun image to watch, at last one shot of a superhero movie not involving the white house. Rajnikanth is superfluous but so is Priyanka Chopra and Sanjay Dutt (excellent introduction to him in agneepath, and Sanjay Dutt is quite good in his small appearance, makes it interesting for himself and us I imagine). Ra.One will be a fun movie to watch as a movie filled with references and spoofs (a la Golmaal)

I wonder what it is about blockbusters these days that reminds one of high school spoofs of movies. Loud bad and crude, the humor is mutilated. This is the time when I fondly remember Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara for its completely clean and fantastic humor.

The story is of course patchy, but nobody cares about it, honestly it could have been about anything. Kareena Kapoor hams it, is so inconsistent, but maybe thats the bad writing. Anything could have been replaced in the movie by anything else, except SRK. We get a slice of his life much like a documentary, and as such it is endearing.

There is this scene in the climax of the movie, when the big fight between the good and the evil takes place, where Shah Rukh Khan holds on to Arjun Rampal’s crotch 2 to 3 seconds more than necessary. There is a pause in the flow of the movie (until then we were quite engrossed in the fight), where Rampal gives him a point blank stare (not too difficult for him) and asks ‘yeh kya kar rahe ho?’ to which SRK replies ‘mujhe pata nahin’.The entire movie some strange talk like this keeps  happening from time to time.

Akon is consistent.

Stars: 2

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