Review: Bodyguard

B. There is a trend that all started with Dabangg for Salman Khan.

Dabangg had a few ingredients, that made one think of movies from the Tamil and Telugu industries. It had a hero centric story, direction, cinematography, everything. It had a well etched female with lead with terribly limited scope, still good for song and dance. It had implausible fight sequences. So yes, it had all these things. So it could have been a remake from Telugu or Tamil. But the one thing that made it better than those, is the lyrical feel of hindi that the movie had. It had a solid language, language grammar, language mannerisms, everything. In comparison, take a Ready, what does it have? All the things above except for a disconnect with the language of the movie. Tamil and Telugu movies have a certain grammar to them, and this is somehow closely related to the languages they are made in, so if you blindly take a telugu/tamil/malayalam movie, remake it, Bodyguard is what you get, an almost Dabangg without that lyrical, comforting feeling of the language/grammar.

‘Anyathiprau’ is a Malayalam movie that has been re-made into every language in India perhaps. In hindi it was ‘Doli Saja Ke Rakhna’, now only someone who has watched both the movies can really tell the difference between the earthy, quite beautiful in its own way malayalam movie, and the pale copy in hindi. There is something that is lost in translation. I am sure I might have ended up liking the Malayalam Bodyguard, because I do like mindless entertainment, not that I don’t (I in fact even sometimes thrive on it). But where is the language? the rhythm? every potboiler, telugu, tamil or malayalam has a rhythm. Watch ‘Aaru’ of Suriya. And this is completely lacking in Bodyguard.

I will not get into the technicalities of the movie, because, honestly, I doubt if anybody really cared about film making while conceptualising, executing and advertising the movie. The intention was to make money, and they did make money. Maybe they needed it. Salman Khan’s sister, Alvira Khan and brother-in-law, Atul Aghnihotri produced the movie. So this evens the scales in the family, Dabangg was produced by Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora. ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’ also a Salman Khan hit was produced by Sohail Khan. Now that all the siblings are covered and Arpita, the last sister does not look like she is into producing, one can only hope this spate of movies will end.

Kareena Kapoor, has obviously finished her ‘I will only do movies that I want to’ phase, the one she entered with her then beau Shahid Kapoor, and is now open to anything and everything that comes her way which will boost her numbers. Kambakth Ishq, Golmaal series and now this. Coming up for the actress are the biggie, RaOne, Agent Vinod (by Sriram Raghavan) and Heroine of the Madhur Bhandarkar and Aishwarya Rai fame.


Atul Aghnihotri first got famous here in the movie called Aatish

And he was also with Sonali Bendre in Naaraaz in the song Sambhala hai maine here

Other movies directed by Atul Aghnihotri are “Hello”, “Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha” (Preity Zinta)

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